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Director's Message

Dear Students,

You have entered the most crucial phase of your life. The next few years will shape your future. Every parent loves his child and wishes to provide him the best quality education to enable him reach his fullest potential. We at IIT-ian's PACE believe in providing uncompromised quality.

In the past 13 years , we have helped thousands of students achieve their dream of getting into IIT's and other top global universities like MIT and Stanford. Our innovative pedagogy of learning , being followed @ PACE has evolved over the years and has enabled our students achieve top ranks in IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CET and International Olympaids. PACE junior science colleges produced 100% HSC results and toppers of Maharashtra in HSC boards in Maths (100/100), Computer Science (200/200) and Electrical Maintainence (200/200) from the first batch itself! PACE Junior College students received offer letters from 39 international universities like MIT, Standford, Cambridge, Cornell etc. We feel proud of the fact that the Director of IIT, Mumbai, Prof. Devang Khakkar's son studied at IIT-ian’s PACE and qualified IIT-JEE in 2009. The Dean of student affairs, Mr Prakash Gopalan's son also studied at IIT-ian’s PACE and got selected in IIT in 2008. IIT Professor,Prof.Umasankar's son, Surya, stood 41 st in India in IIT JEE this year. This reflects the faith IIT Professors have in PACE. Every year, most of the top rankers of tenth boards, NTSE scholars and school toppers invariably join IIT-ian’s PACE thus creating a highly competitive environment and an excellent peer group for collaborative learning.

This year government has announced the new pattern for the entrance to Engineering (JEE : For IIT s, NIT s and Maharashtra State Engineering Colleges) and medical (NEET). In the new paradigm, it will be important for the student to excel in both : XII th Boards as well as Competitive exams. Our Integrated approach being followed at PACE Junior Science Colleges and affiliated colleges, provides an ideal solution to this need of preparing for Boards and Competitive Exams: Under one roof and excellent faculty for both, thus saving his precious time and effort and enabling him to get sufficient time for self study, which is a must for competitive exams.

It is our mission to instill Passion, Channelize Achievement, deliver on our Commitments and pursue Excellence in every endevour and we strive to pass this on to our students.

I whole heartedly welcome you to the family : IIT- ian's PACE.

Praveen Tyagi