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Previous Years Testimonials

Yashodhan Kanoria (Screening Rank - 1 A. I. R. - 2 in IIT - JEE )
Gold medal in International Physics & Chemistry Olympiad both.
Topper National Science Olympiad | Rank 1 in Maharashtra in AIEEE.

Comments : I did a 2 year course at PACE and have great regards for the faculty at PACE & owe my success to them. Mr. Praveen Tyagi was a wonderful teacher and a great motivator throughout the 2 years. I recommend PACE to every IIT aspirant.
Shaleen Harlalka ( A. I. R. - 4 6 in IIT - JEE )
Gold medal in International Physics Olympiad.

Comments : I was a student of Bansal classes in Kota .I came to PACE for Physics from Tyagi sir during summer break & after screening. I wish to thank him for his help.
Aditya Parmeshwaran ( A.I.R. - 3 4 in IIT - JEE )
Rank 2 in Maharashtra in AIEEE.
Comments : I did a 2 year course at P A C E and Tyagi sir provided us the best throughout both years . I thank all PACE teachers for my success.
Parag Agarwal ( A. I. R. - 7 6 in IIT - JEE )
Gold medal in International Physics Olympiad.
Comments : I attended a 2-year classroom program for IIT-JEE conducted by the IIT-ian's PACE Academy . The program was very beneficial and has contributed in no small measure to my success . The challenging problems given to us by our Physics teacher (Mr.Praveen Tyagi) not only helped in developing and clearing our concepts but also aroused our interest in Physics. Being an IITian himself, Tyagi sir made us realize the academic excellence associated with IIT and motivated us to work very hard in our preparation for IIT-JEE. IIT-ian's PACE not only helped in IIT-JEE preparation but also helped me to prepare for the Olympiads (Maths,Physics &Chemistry) and complemented my preparation for HSC exams. P A C E Academy has excellent faculty for all the three subjects creating a superb balance in our preparations . Above all , Mr.Tyagi has not only been an excellent teacher but also our friend and mentor for the last two years. Many thanks to all my teachers at PACE Academy.
Vibhor Rastogi ( A. I. R - 6 9 in IIT - JEE )
Comments : I attended 2 years course of P A C E and was greatly benefited by the same . After 2 months Tyagi Sir advised us to focus only on IIT and he used to tell us that we will be in top 100 for sure... to be very honest . I never believed him till we got the results. The course content was excellent and went well along with our college curriculum.
Mihir Choudhary ( A. I. R. - 6 7 in IIT - JEE )
Comments : My interest in Physics was generated only due to Professor Praveen Tyagi's interactive style of teaching. I give full credit to the PACE professors for my success in IIT, HSC, Olympiad ( Physics and Chemistry) and IIIT. All this was possible only because of the extraordinary quality of teachers at PACE and solving of all our doubts at individual level with total clarity. Mr. Praveen Tyagi is my mentor, teacher and friend. I am so impressed by his teaching style that I am seriously contemplating to take up teaching as a profession after my B.Tech.
Manmohan Chandrakar ( A. I. R. - 2 1 4 in IIT - JEE)
Comments : I attended one lecture of Mr. Praveen Tyagi and decided to join PACE despite the fact that I was being offered huge concessions by various other classes. The team at PACE is simply the best in every sense. The credit of my success goes to PACE, especially Mr. Praveen Tyagi.
Ruchi Agarwal (A. I. R. - 24 IN IIT - JEE)

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Kunal Shah Comments Kunal Shah (A. I. R. - 23 in IIT - JEE 2nd Topper in Boys from Mumbai)

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Gauri Nawathe Gauri Nawathe (A. I. R. - 291 in IIT - JEE )

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Prof. Prakash Gopalan Prof. Prakash Gopalan - Dean IIT Powai for the success of his son,
Devashish Gopalan

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