Advantages of Education Abroad

  • Synchronized learning complementing IIT-JEE / college preparation: This model will not affect the IIT-JEE/college preparations in any negative manner, in fact it will complement the entire preparation. Our students will have a dual advantage in terms of their enhanced performance at the board exam for their respective standard and an outstanding performance in the most reputed engineering entrance exams such as JEE along with best results in SAT/TOEFL exams. Also we will guide them on various options to optimize their potential and make their application strong.
  • Innovative Study Material: Exhaustive study material will be provided to the students. The study material consists of recommended best books, PACE booklets and handouts with interesting and innovative assignments sufficient to generate interest amongst the students.
  • Highly experienced and qualified faculty: We have a team of experienced and competent faculty members comprising of the best professors from the industry who are experts in teaching students for SAT / TOEFL.

During the course of preparation for SAT / TOEFL / AP, PACE also provides a platform for interaction with our ex-students who are either engaged in prestigious jobs or pursuing undergraduate / post graduate degree in prestigious universities abroad. We also provide opportunities to deserving students for various extra-curricular activities, projects in a way which they can contribute to the society and optimize their skills on the social and global front.

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