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Nashik Integrated Course

Two Year Integrated Program - For 10th passed students

Offered at
G.D. Sawant College, Ambad,
Pathardi Phata, Nashik - 422009

Course Description

This course is specially developed by IIT-ian’s PACE for reducing stress and saving time of the IIT aspirants. It has proved its worth in Mumbai, and is now available for Nashik student community. Now students need not travel between coaching classes and their schools/colleges. In this course, preparation for multiple competitive exams like IIT-JEE/AIEEE/CET/Olympiads, etc., and 12th Board exam is completely synchronized under one roof. Thus, it saves a lot of valuable time of the students during their crucial years.

This revolutionary approach to their IIT-JEE preparation even surpasses the system adopted in Kota, Rajasthan. Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (including practicals) will be taught by the expert faculty of IIT-ian’s PACE. Other subjects of ISC Board will be taught by the school teachers. This approach enables a stress free learning environment for students and saves time which allows adequate time for self-study. Now, the student community in Nashik can avail this opportunity to prepare for engineering entrance exam through this revolutionary approach of Integrated Program offered by IIT-ian’s PACE in collaboration with G.D. Sawant College which is one of the best college in Nashik.

Admission Criteria

Direct Admission for students with 90% or above in PCM in 9th final exams or 10th pre-board exams. Entrance Exam is compulsory for all other students. (Students also need to clear the school admission process of G.D. Sawant College).

Batch Commencing Batch Timings
1st Batch 7th April 6 days a week, 6 hrs. a day (post lunch break)
2nd Batch 7th June

Two years Integrated Course fees (XIth & XIIth Board + JEE): (Fees for 2013-15)
Fee Structure (in Rs.)
Fees Service tax (12.36%) Total Fees
2,51,500/- 31,591/- 2,82,585/-
Fees Service tax (12.36%) Total Fees 2 Installment
2,55,500/- 31,580/- 2,87,080/- 1,43,540/-

Two years Integrated Course fees (XIth & XIIth Board + NEET): (Fees for 2013-15)
Fee Structure (in Rs.)
Fees Service tax (12.36%) Total Fees
2,01,500/- 24,905/- 2,26,405/-
Fees Service tax (12.36%) Total Fees 2 Installment
2,05,500/- 25,400/- 2,30,900/- 1,15,450/-

1st installment to be paid at the time of admission and the 2nd installment within 4 months after the course starts.