Mumbai Education Abroad for 10th, 11th and 12th Appearing Students

Giving wings to your dreams...
Special preparation for making it to the top universities across the globe

We live in a competitive age, where the emphasis is to perform and excel. As a result, it can get very demanding for students to choose the right career path and pursue the right dream.

All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them. However for all those who have big dreams and high aspirations must remember that 'dreams and aspirations' keep evolving with time, and so does our focus. Again, this depends on how you wish to advance in your life.

We at PACE duly recognize that the need of the hour is to train, groom and prepare students to pursue education overseas. PACE does this by identifying the innate desires of students who wish to study aboard.

The advantage of having overseas education is manifold:

  • Adds weight to the Resume.
  • Allows exposure to different cultures, ethnicities and customs.
  • Results in broadening of horizon.
  • Most importantly- foreign university degrees have global accreditation and are universally recognized.

We are proud to state that with the right blend of tutoring and guidance we have been consistently producing toppers who have gone on to become 'creme de la creme' in their chosen vocation.

Who needs Education Abroad and When?

Students studying in class X, XI and XII who are the desirous of studying abroad are recommended to opt for this course.

PACE offers the following programs as a part of its - Education Abroad Initiative :

  • SAT
  • Advanced Placement
  • Global Leadership Lab
  • Education Abroad Guidance Program


SAT Test - Formerly called as Scholastic Aptitude Test is a general test of verbal and quantitative reasoning. This is a mandatory test to be taken by students, who wish to seek admission to undergraduate programs across all US colleges, Canada, UK and many other countries.

SAT is the world's most widely used University entrance exam. It is an integral part of a student's application to universities in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and many other countries.

SAT may proxy for many things, but the only thing that the exam really measures is; how good you are at taking the test itself. Every time SAT is administered, it uses the same format, the same traps to test the same set of concepts - that the test makers think are important. Thus the most useful way to think of SAT is not a test of broad knowledge, but as a narrowly defined game with simple and predictable rules. Doing well in SAT is not about being smart,it is about knowing how to take the test.

SAT I is a Reasoning test and SAT II is a Subject test.

SAT Test Structure

SAT test basically consists of Maths,Reading and Writing

SAT - I : Reasoning Test

The SAT-I is a three hour, primarily multiple-choice test that measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities that develop over time. Most colleges require SAT-I scores for admission.
Subjects Covered :Mathematics,Critical Reading,Writing

SAT - II : Subject Test

The SAT-II subject tests are one hour, primarily multiple-choice tests that measure your knowledge of particular subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. Many universities may require you to take this along with SAT-I.
Subjects Covered :Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Maths (Level 1 and 2) ,English Literature,US History,World History and Languages

Who administers SAT :
The SAT is developed and administered by the US-based "College Entrance Examination Board". This implies that Collegeboard sets the questions, conducts the test, and sends each examinee the score report.
In India, SAT is conducted at the following cities: Bangalore, Calcutta, Cochin, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kodaikanal, Mumbai, Mussoorie, New Delhi, and Pune.

When is SAT held :
SAT is held about 6 - 7 times in a year.

PACE's offering of SAT and TOEFL

Sr No. Courses offered Duration Batch Commencing
1 SAT-I 50 hrs 3rd week of January
2 TOEFL 12 hrs 3rd week of January
3 SAT + TOEFL 62 hrs 3rd week of July

Note: TOEFL is also covered as a part of the SAT course. Total fees charged includes the cost of the study material provided by PACE.
PACE has been successfully conducting SAT and TOEFL tests since 2011. SAT can truly be termed as "passport to global education" .


TOEFL is an exam required by most US and Canadian universities to prove proficiency (especially international students coming from countries where English is not native language) in English. It measures your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks in English. Many Universities in Europe and other countries also accept TOEFL (IELTS is popular outside USA). Popularity of TOEFL is growing.

There are two formats for the TOEFL test. The format you take depends on the location of your test center. Most test takers take the TOEFL iBT test. Test centers that do not have Internet access offer the Paper-based Test (PBT).

The TOEFL test measures your ability to use and understand English language as it is read, written, heard and spoken in the university classroom. As the most accepted English language test in the world, more than 9000 universities, agencies and other institutions in more than 130 countries accept the TOEFL test as part of their admission criteria - including nearly every college and university in Australia and the UK.

The test often referred to as TOEFL iBT test, is administered at more than 4500 test sites around the world. A paper based version of the test is available in areas where TOEFL iBT testing is not possible.

Sr No. Description Information
1 Duration 12 Hours
2 Class Schedule Start from 3rd week of January