Indore Repeaters' Batch for XII Passed Students

Course Description

This course is for those who have made a wrong choice of classes and have not been able to make it to the JEE with a good rank and want to attempt again. It is a do or die situation for such students and even we on our part go all out to help such students, achieve their dreams by providing them extra individual attention and more strict discipline and testing norms. At this stage we need utmost sincerity and total devotion of the students so that we can make them achieve top ranks in prestigious examinations like JEE.

Admission Criteria

Direct admission

Batches Commencing
1st Batch - 25th June
2nd Batch - 7th July
Batch Schedule & Timing
6 hrs a day; 3 days a week

Timing: (7 am to 1 pm) or (3 pm to 9 pm)

Course Fee for 1 Year Course: for XII Passed students (for Engineering)
Fee Structure
Fee (Rs.) S.Tax (12.36%) (Rs.) Total Fees (Rs.) 2 installments in 4 Months of (Rs.)
1,50,000/- 18,540/- 1,68,540/- 86,517/-

Favoring IIT-ian's PACE Education Pvt. Ltd.

1st installment to be paid at the time of admission, and 2nd installment within 3 months after the course is started.

  • *25% concession for all PACE students in Repeaters Batch.
  • *75% concession for Repeaters who have secured a JEE rank.