Indore Three Years Comprehensive Course

Three Years Comprehensive Advanced + Main Course (YOUNG TURKS)

This course is specially cut out for the "enfants terrifics" who have at a very young age discovered their calling for engineering and planned their destiny with the IITs. This powerful programme is for those who don't wait for a timeline to work towards their IIT dream, for those enormously gifted students who want to start early on their IIT voyage so that nothing can be an obstacle between them and their vision- the esteemed IITs. The intent behind this course is to enable a smooth, steady and early learning path for young IIT aspirants. The early birds are recognized, lauded, improved and groomed to fly to dizzying heights of IITs.

The three year Comprehensive course is an intensive programme aimed at catering to the needs of our young prodigies who are in standard X. Under this exhaustive programme, students are given an in depth and thorough training for the JEE Advanced, JEE Main, HSC, BITSAT and the Olympiads. This course efficiently delves into the JEE Advanced and its challenges, plunges into the JEE Main's enigmatic ways and covers the HSC syllabus in a formidable course of study.

This synchronization is achieved by our excellent Junior Science Colleges located at six prime locations in Indore which provide a world class education for HSC boards. Blessed with transcendent teaching, wonderful infrastructure and a charismatic and awe inspiring management, these Junior Science Colleges are the very definition of quality education. The ideology here is to have a Junior College and IIT JEE training under one roof so that the time and energy of the student is saved and there is enough time for self study.

The learning process in maintained in a very child centric, engaging and interactive fashion. The most perplexing problems are made into a cakewalk and every concept is dealt with in an interesting and intelligible manner. Our experts who are superhuman brains hailing from the IITs have an awe inspiring experience in creating IITians. They help the child wade through the waters of the HSC, JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Cryptic, confounding, labyrinthine- these words often used for the syllabus of JEE Advanced and JEE Main metamorphose into challenging, intriguing and thought provoking when the IIT acclaimed wizards of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics hold your hand and lead you to enlightenment. Suddenly subjects become interesting and performance becomes an adrenaline rush. With the true masters guiding you, the concepts become streamlined, problems simplified and education becomes a bliss.

The intricate and complicated course of study of the JEE Advanced evolves into a mesmerizing and enchanting programme of study which impels students to put in their best.

This phenomenal programme helps your child to be victorious at the HSC Boards, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, state level engineering entrance exams and Olympiads and to become a shining personification of success at these examinations. The three years of study, the intensive class room sessions, doubt solving sessions, intriguing assessment papers and a completely disciplined environment will all ensure success at these examinations.

Under this uncompromising, meticulous course, not a single significant concept is sacrificed, not a single nagging doubt trifled and not a single problem left to chance.

The beauty of this course is painstaking attention to quality and detail, disciplined learning, perspicacious guidance and an authoritative quality of knowledge imparted.

The Comprehensive learning course has tasted a roaring success and students have broken records at the Board exams and JEE Advanced and JEE Main Exams since the adoption of the Comprehensive model of learning


  • IIT Qualified and experienced faculty- mostly IIT Alumni
  • One on One doubt solving sessions
  • Exhaustive coverage of syllabus
  • Wide variety of problems solved
  • Organized and structured course plan
  • Disciplined approach
  • Complete synchronization ALL EXAMS UNDER ONE ROOF
  • Intensive six hour class room sessions everyday
  • Education imparted in consonance with new IIT JEE pattern
  • Rigorous test and assessment methods
  • Performance report of all students issued
  • Personal attention to each student

Fee Structure

Comprehensive Program: Course Fee (for Engineering)
Fee (Rs.) GST (18%) (Rs.) Total Fees (Rs.) 2 installments in 6 Months of (Rs.)
5,50,000/- 99,000/- 6,49,000/- 3,26,860/-


  • Fee to be paid in favour of: "IIT-ian's PACE Education Pvt. Ltd."
  • GST will be applicable as per latest applicable Finance Bill. GST rate may change without any prior intimation.
  • Scholarship will be applicable only on the Tuition Fee.
  • Fee should be paid only through our online payment mode from upcoming session. Click here to see the process:

(If any student/ parent pays fee in Cash, Cheque or DD, PACE will not be responsible for that child in anyway)

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