Nashik Two Year Program for only JEE Main Course

Course Description

This course addresses the requirements for multiple engineering entrance exams including earlier AIEEE, MHT-CET and other state level engineering entrance exams now JEE (Main) SAT, HSC, BITS, Olympiads, etc. This course does not clash with XII preparation, rather it compliments it. For this reason, most PACE students who perform well in the JEE (Main) also perform well in the XII board exams (ISC / HSC). The students are taught Physics, Chemistry & Maths as a part of their preparation for JEE(MAIN) by our expert IIT- ian's Faculty.

Fee Structure

Fee (Rs.) S.Tax (12.36%) (Rs.) Total Fees (Rs.) 2 Installments in 3 months of(Rs)
75,000/- 9,270/- 84,270/- Per Annum

Mumbai [Head Office]

Delhi-NCR Regional [H.O.]