Pune Two Years Support Main Program for 10th passed students

Course Description

This course addresses the requirements for multiple engineering competitive exams including JEE, SAT, HSC, BITS, Olympiads, etc. A major portion of the JEE syllabus is covered in the XI itself to ensure adequate time for revision and testing. This course does not clash with XII preparation, rather it compliments it. For this reason, most PACE - IIT & Medical students who perform well in the JEE / AIIMS also perform well in the XII board exams (ISC/ HSC).

Admission Criteria

Direct admission for students securing Rank 1, 2 or 3 / 90% or above in PCM / B in IX final exams or X prelims.
Aptitude test is compulsory for all other students.

Batch Commencing
1st Batch - 7thApril 11th June till 15th July
2nd Batch - 16th April 8th July till 15th July
3rd Batch - 7th june No Break
4th Batch - 7th May No Break
Batch Schedule & Timing
4 days a week; 3 hrs a day

Timing: (6 pm to 9 pm)

After the break, their lectures will resume from 16th July; 3 days a week, 3 hours a day.

Students will be segregate on basis of tests which will be conducted before giving them a break.

Course Fee for Competitive Exams Preparation (for Engineering):
Fee (Rs.) S.Tax (15%) (Rs.) Total Fees (Rs.) 2 instalments in 3 Months of (Rs.)
1,75,000/- 26,250/- 2,01,250/- 1,02,925/-

Mumbai [Head Office]

Delhi-NCR Regional [H.O.]