How Can a student register for The SAT?

To register for the SAT, please visit www.collegeboard.org

What is a good score on the SAT?

It depends which college the student wishes to attend. Basically there are no cut-off or guarantee scores. Namely, even the student's score is higher than a school's median does not mean that he or she will get in. For more information on the median score ranges for acceptance refer to each college.

What materials do students receive?

All students will receive a PACE SAT Math and Verbal curriculum book and 10 practice exam booklets. Additional reference books are available at the PACE library

What are the biggest pitfalls students make when taking the SAT?

Not practicing enough. We know that in order to succeed in doing anything; we need prepare well, with the SAT, no exception. Many successful stories tell us that practice for the SAT does make perfect. The more the student gets used to the type of questions the SAT asks, the better he or she can do.

How many times can a student take the SAT ?

The College Board, the institution that administers the SAT, has a new policy on reporting your scores called Score Choice. Score Choice lets you choose the score you want colleges to see. That means if you take the SAT twice and your second score is higher, that's the only one the college you apply to will be able to see.
However, some schools choose not to participate in Score Choice so these schools can see all of your SAT scores. Make sure to check the policy of the university you're applying

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