Indore Foundation Builder Board Plus Program IX Passed Students

Course Description:

The Board Plus Program has been structured and customized to look after the unique needs of students preparing for Boards. This intensive Programme for students moving to class X gives a thorough, exhaustive and intelligent preparation for Board examinations as well as competitive examinations under one roof. We have separate batches dedicated to the different boards (CBSE, ICSE and SSC) so that preparation of each Board takes place keeping in mind its peculiarities and demands. The NTSE, RMO and other competitive examinations are not just challenging but also prestigious. PACE provides expert help in order to succeed at these examinations. Highly qualified, IIT alumni and ingenious teachers help the child with his NTSE and RMO preparation. With profound expertise, these maestros help the child in NTSE, RMO and other competitive examinations.

The highlights of the Board Plus Programme are

  • Best team of teachers- Students get the best faculty for Board preparation (Board experts) and competitive exam preparation (IITians, Doctors) under the same roof. These teachers are an authority in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Mental Ability and combine their flawless knowledge with their teaching acumen to build the knowledge base of students.
  • Competitive examination preparation- Competitive examinations like NTSE, RMO, IMO, NSO are prestigious and hold immense value. Holding certificates or medals in these exams reflects very positively on a candidate's caliber. With an in house faculty comprising of IITians, doctors and doyens of the engineering, medical and science domains, we ensure that only the very best and ingenious knowledge is imparted to students so that they can be unexcelled, unsurpassed and indisputable in their knowledge. This enables them to grab medals and certificates at these examinations of value.
  • Well crafted and designed course material- The Best quality course material is designed for this beautiful course by experts in the domains of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Mental ability which includes IITians, doctors and highbrow intelligentsia and this content covers Board syllabus and syllabus of various competitive exams. The course material is an ingenious work made in a well researched manner and containing all that the students need to study to win unsurpassed at their Board exams and competitive exams. This content is framed in a very intelligible and logical manner so that it represents a fluid flow of information understandable by students. Each Board has a separate, unique and customized course content dedicated to it so that students prepare in the right direction as per the Board pattern.
  • Reliable Testing Methodology- At PACE, there are class tests, Topic wise tests, Part Tests to judge the understanding level of students and enable him to know his strengths and weaknesses. There are class tests after every lecture to enable concentration in class and improve class output. After completion of each topic, there is a topic wise test to assess the child's understanding of a given topic. A student comes to know how much is his understanding of a certain topic, what are the lacunae in his preparation and the solutions to problems he couldn't solve. After 4-5 topics are completed, there is a part test .The results of these part tests reveal how much a student can interrelate concepts, understand the links between different theories and collate different topics These tests are taken at regular intervals so that the child is always in touch with his subject and topics learnt. This regular testing motivates the child to study hard and put in his best efforts.
  • Home assignments- Recognizing the importance of home assignments in assimilation of knowledge, students are given home assignments based on concepts learnt in class. This leads to a recapitulation of concepts and growth in interest in the subject.
  • All India Test Series- After the completion of the syllabus, students have to answer 5 All India Test Series, which aim to judge his mastery on the entire subject, his dexterity with all kinds of problems, his intensity of preparation and the profoundness of his acumen. These tests are fashioned exactly like the Board examinations to give the child a feel of the Boards and help him overcome his phobia of the Boards.
  • Board patterned tests- All tests class tests, topic wise test, AITS are structured and formulated as per the Board pattern (CBSE, ICSE or SSC). The concepts and problems important and relevant from the Board point of view are given extra focus in these tests and model solutions provided. Thus student knows what is relevant to be studied from the Board point of view. These tests are created by Board experts and Board moderators.
  • All tests corrected by Board faculties- Senior Board faculties and expert Board moderators correct the various examinations and tests taken by students according to the Board's demands and correction pattern. This will enable students get an exact vista of where they stand and how much more they need to prepare to be outstanding at the Boards
    - Practice tests based on pattern of competitive examinations- Each competitive examination is unique in what it wants to test, how much and how complex it can get. There is no one model that one can follow to prepare for different examinations. Thus students are given practice tests structured on the pattern of each of these examinations so that he knows what exactly is expected from him in the various competitive examinations. There is no ambiguity or confusion in terms of what to prepare, how to prepare and how much to prepare.
  • One on one doubt solving sessions- PACE provides one on one doubt solving sessions where students can get their doubts resolved from their favorite faculty. The faculty is available round the clock and the child can sit with his professor and work out his doubts and get solutions to their problems. This ensures that the child's concepts are crystal clear and his understanding of the subject rouses more interest and passion for the subject.

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