Innovative Classroom Learning and Support Model

Paving the path to success with innovation

Life at PACE IIT & Medical is different from that at any other institute. The teachers, here, are highly approachable and actively involved in the progress of every student. Relations between staff and students are relaxed and friendly, hence, the students never feel left out. The teaching, at PACE IIT & Medical is not restricted to conventional classroom lectures, but is highly interactive, innovative and constantly developing to suit individual needs. Our newly adopted teaching methods help our students to think out-of-the-box, a skill that is indispensable to success.

A mixture of lectures providing abundant mental stimulation, reinforced by small workgroups, assignments and several tests ensure a varied program of activity. Through our programs, students get to interact with each other, gradually acquiring excellence in solving problems of the highest competitive levels. A constant evaluation through regular tests and feedback of the student's progress helps us in bringing the best out of the child.

PACE has been a trend-setter in every domain of learning. We have become popular amongst the student community through our innovative teaching methodologies which include:

  • The Best Faculty - Our teachers, besides being subject experts, are also trained and sensitized to child's requirements
  • Technology aided learning - Via video games to inculcate learning through visualizations and 3-D concepts (developed by our sister concern - Digital PACE)
  • Exhaustive study Material - In the form of books, journals, DVDs which are available in our library
  • Grading system- To ease the pressure on students as they begin preparation for highly competitive examinations
  • Teaching via Video-conferencing - To deliver best quality education to students across all parts of India
  • Testing Assessment and feedback mechanism
  • Unique library system
  • Approachable, highly qualified faculty
  • Environment that is relaxed, yet acts as a source of motivation to students
  • Regular monitoring of child's progress & constant evaluation through regular tests
  • Adoption of interactive, innovative teaching methodology
  • Highly competitive peer group
  • One to one doubt solving sessions

Mumbai [Head Office]

Delhi-NCR Regional [H.O.]