Delhi-NCR One Year Comprehensive Course

Course Description

The most reputed Schools in Delhi-NCR have tied up with PACE - IIT & Medical to offer Comprehensive Course for the students of 12th standard in the respective schools. In this course, preparation for competitive exams for Engineering/Medical Entrance such as JEE/AIIMS/AIPMT etc. and formal school education/Board Exams is completely Comprehensive under one roof.

This course developed by PACE - IIT & Medical is a revolutionary approach for competitive exams preparation which even surpasses the system adopted in Kota. The main advantage of this course is that it synchronizes preparation for multiple exams and saves students' time as they do not have to travel between coaching classes and school. For 6 hours per day, 3 days a week, students are taught Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology for engineering/medical entrance examinations by PACE faculty members. In the remaining 3 days, school teachers will take care of rest of the subjects of their respective Boards (excluding PCMB) along with the practicals. This approach enables a stress free learning environment and a dual advantage for students enabling them to excel in competitive exams and produce best results in the school/board exams as per the respective board curriculum of the school.

PACE - IIT & Medical is successfully running its Comprehensive Programs at the following most reputed schools of Delhi-NCR:

  • Kalu Sarai
  • South Extension
  • Janakpuri
  • Faridabad
  • DPS, Mathura Road
  • DPSG, Ghaziabad
  • Modern Public School, Bhiwadi

Admission Criteria

Admission to PACE Comprehensive Course is independent of admission to any of our affiliated school(s). Direct Admission to students securing 90% / 9 CGPA or above in Science and Maths or Rank 1, 2 or 3 in 11th final exams. Aptitude Test is compulsory for all other students.

Batches Commencing (for Medical)
1st Batch - 7thApril 7th June till 6th July
2nd Batch - 25th April 16th June till 6th July
3rd Batch - 7th May No Break
4th Batch - 7th June No Break
5th Batch - 7th July No Break
6th Batch - 7th August No Break
Batch Timing
6 hrs a day ; 3 days a week

Students will be segregated on basis of tests which will be conducted before giving them a break.
Approx. 18 hours per week for details about exact allocation of lecture schedule being practiced in our Comprehensive programs being run at various collaborated schools, Kindly Click to Contact Us.

Comprehensive Course Fee

Course Fee(for Medical)
Fee (Rs.) S.Tax (14.5%) (Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.)
1,40,000/- 20,300/- 1,60,300/-

IIT-ian's PACE Comprehensive Program fee to be paid in the favour of IIT-ian's PACE Education Pvt. Ltd. as per the fee structure being implemented by PACE in the respective collaborated schools. For further details, kindly visit our nearest PACE centre or Click here to Contact Us.

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Delhi-NCR Regional [H.O.]