Testing, Assessment and Feedback Mechanisms

Cumulative and topic-wise assessments

Topic-wise Assessment

PACE conducts topic-wise tests after the completion of every topic making sure that every student is aware of how much he/she has learnt in that topic. If a child finds that he/she is weak in a particular topic then he/she can immediately take remedial doubt-solving sessions at our library with the best teachers.

Cumulative Assessment Through Major Tests

Major tests at PACE are a special feature taking place once in two months by way of which a student gets to know his/her level of understanding of all the topics covered till that point of time. These tests are generally on the pattern of Expected JEE. After this test, a student gets his test feedback through detailed Performance Report.

Classroom Feedback Mechanism

PACE believes in providing the best teachers and systems to its students. In fact, students are asked to give their feedback on systems and teachers on a monthly basis. Based on this feedback PACE decides what is the best way for students to provide the best possible in order to crack a top rank.

Our systematic feedback mechanism has evolved in PACE in the last 15 years which has helped in addressing all kind of problems faced by students at various levels of exam preparation.

Features of the Performance Report

  • National, Centre Rank
  • Subject-wise Assessment
  • Topic-wise Assessment
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Percentile Score
  • Study & Improvement Tips

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Delhi-NCR Regional [H.O.]